1. Program Description

Faculty: Foreign Languages

Degree conferred: Bachelor of Arts in Chinese

Overview of the program: This program provides graduates with academic knowledge, employability skills, political qualities and professional ethics so that they can work effectively in their area of specialization in which Chinese and English are mainly used as well as meet social needs in the new era. The program currently offers one major in Business. Career opportunities available include business and commerce, foreign affairs and trade, public/international relations, event and conference management and so on.

2. Intended Program Outcomes:

On completion of the program, students should be able to:

  • Have a relatively comprehensive understanding of an area in social science and humanities necessary for a language specialist; 
  • Demonstrate a high level of competence in all four skill areas (listening, speaking, reading, writing); 
  • Acquire necessary knowledge of and skills in business and commerce; 
  • Gain a familiarity with study skills and research methods at university level, which should later support students who wish to pursue higher education. 

3. Degree Curriculum

For general courses, only courses mostly related to the program are listed.

3.1. General courses


3.2. Foundation courses

Courses given in Chinese


Courses given in English

3.3 Major courses (given in Chinese)


3.4 Elective courses (given in Chinese)