Applied Mathematics

1. Program Description

  • Faculty: Mathematics and Statistics.


  • Degrees conferred: Bachelor in Applied Mathematics.


  • Overview of the program: The program will provide students with a basic knowledge of Mathematics and Informatics, enable them to apply mathematics and informatics to solve mathematic, economic and management problems, and to teach mathematics and informatics in colleges or universities. Students can also participate in scientific research and education at higher levels of applied mathematics, information technology or economics.

2. Intended Program Outcomes

Students who graduate with a major in Applied Mathematics should be able to


  • Work in information technology areas such as programming, algorithm analysis, and web design, etc.
  • Research and teach mathematics at universities, colleges, and high schools.



3. Degree Curriculum

For general, minor and elective courses, only courses mostly related to the program are listed.

3.1. General courses

3.2. Foundation courses

3.3. Major courses

3.4. Minor or elective courses

3.5. Additional courses and requirements

English: TOEIC 500