Labor Relation management

1. Program Description


  • Faculty: Labor and Trade Union


  • Degrees conferred : Bachelor in Labor relation management


  • Overview of the program: This program provides knowledge and skill in a wide range of labor relation management field such as: labor law, labor relation principle, collective bargaining, labor contract and collective bargaining agreement, labor disputes resolving, human resource management, organizational behavior, labor relation strategy and so on. The program also cultivates soft skills critical for success in positions with responsibilities. Upon completion of the program, graduates should be able to seek employment in labor relation management fields such as trade union, labor dispute mediation, labor relation research, recruiment, training and development, salary and benefits.


2. Intended Program Outcomes


Students who graduate with a major in Labor Relation should be able to:


  • Create and motivate the employees to participate in the trade union
  • Create and organize plans for trade union activities, implement and control these activities.
  • Execute employee recruitment, employee training and development, salary and benefits.
  • Conduct negotiation with the employer on labor contract and collective bargaining agreement
  • Manage labor contract and collective bargaining agreement.
  • Mediate and resolve labor disputes and organize strikes at work place.
  • Train the employee in labor law and knowledge of labor relation.
  • Consult the employer solutions to maintaining the accord relation between employer and employees.


3. Degree Curriculum


For general, minor and elective courses, only courses mostly related to the program are listed.


3.1. General courses



3.2. Foundation courses




3.3. Major courses



3.4. Minor or elective courses



3.5. Additional Courses and Requirements


English: TOEIC 500