1. Program Description

  • Faculty: Social Science and Humanities


  • Degrees conferred: Bachelor of Arts


  • An overview of the program: Students majoring in Sociology will gain theoretical knowledge, methodology and techniques to study social phenomena. They can apply theories to study human behaviors under the influence of societal dynamics and the presence of social institutions. Research into behaviors of different social groups and their interactions is also a focus of the discipline. In addition, sociology students will practice skills of analysis, criticism, reasoning and situation handling, teamwork and communications in fieldwork. The knowledge and skills accumulated will enable students to work in many fields and meet the changing demands of the labor market.

2. Intended Program Outcomes

  • The student who graduates with a major in Sociology studies should be able to become.
  • Researchersin the scientific research institutes, centers; central, provincial, urban departments, social organizations, governmental institutions, local and international NGO’s, corporations, and enterprises.
  • Lecturers at universities, colleges, technical secondary schools.
  • Advisors for social, economic organizations belonging to economic components of society; NGO’s.
  • Social workers in institutions or social organizations, unions.
  • Community Development Agents operating in projects of local and international organizations and institutions.
  • Participatants in activities in organizations for communications, newspapers, broadcast, televisions.

3. Degree Curriculum

For general, minor and elective courses, only courses mostly related to the program are listed.

3.1. General courses

3.2. Foundation courses

3.3. Major courses

3.4. Minor or elective courses

3.5. Additional Courses and Requirements