Transportation Engineering

1. Program Description


  • Department/Faculty: Department of Bridge and Highway, Faculty of Civil Engineering


  • Degrees conferred: Bachelor of Engineering


  • Overview of the program: The Transportation Engineering is a major component of the civil engineering and mechanical engineering disciplines, according to specialization of academic courses and main competences of the involved territory. It is designed for students who have good backgrounds in mechanics and interests in the theory, practice, art, and science of bridge and highway engineering. The major helps provide graduates with an educational foundation appropriate for careers as consulting engineers, construction engineers, inspection engineers.


2. Intended Program Outcomes


The student who graduates with a major in Transportation Engineering should be able to


  • Design, construct or supervise the construction of bridges, highway and more.
  • Conduct laboratory experiments and to critically analyze and interpret experimental data related to soil mechanics, fluid mechanics, and civil engineering materials.
  • Use the techniques, skills, and modern tools necessary for civil engineering practice particularly in the areas of transportation engineering.


3. Degree Curriculum


For general, minor and elective courses, only courses mostly related to the program are listed.


3.1. General courses




3.2. Foundation courses



3.3. Major courses



3.4. Additional Courses and Requirements


English: TOEIC 500