1. Program Description

  • Department/faculty: Biotechnology Department, Faculty of Applied Sciences


  • Degrees conferred: Engineer of Biotechnology


  • Overview of the program: Marked by rapidly changing technologies, techniques, and applications, biotechnology is one of the region’s most exciting and fastest-growing industries. The study of biotechnology provides the understanding and practical skills behind the use of biologically derived material for a multitude of applications. Such material includes microorganisms (bacteria, yeast, etc) and materials derived from them and other biological sources (enzymes, protein, DNA, etc). Applications include medicine, health, agriculture, consumer products, wine, food, pharmaceutics, the environment and biologically derived new materials.


    This course equips graduates for careers in biotechnology. It emphasises on the fundamental sciences which underpin biotechnology; chemistry, biochemistry, microbiology, statistics whilst developing applications of biotechnology to areas such as business, ethics, and environmental science. The program provides flexible options that allow students in biotechnology (biochemistry) with a major sequence in one of chemistry, environmental science, computer science, business, or media and communications.

2. Intended Program Outcomes

The student who graduates with a major in Biotechnology should be able to

  • Research for applications of biotechnology products, operate manufacturing processes and management in manufacturing facilities as well as in scientific research in the field.
  • Work in areas related to biology such as biological research agencies, scientific and technical management agencies, business establishments in the field of biology; hospitals; pharmaceutical companies; seafood aquaculture facilities, the export processing zones; tissue culture facilities, mushroom cultivation facilities; food processing facilities, food; involved in teaching in schools colleges, high schools and vocational training; may organize production and small-scale business.
  • Have the TOEIC 500; qualified information technology, proficient some specialized software for use in data processing and simulation biotechnology: Excel, Hyper Chem, Chemical Office, Hysys, PRO / II, etc.


3. Degree Courses

For general, minor and elective courses, only courses mostly related to the program are listed.

3.1. General courses


3.2. Foundation courses


3.3. Major courses


3.4. Minor or elective courses

Agricultural Biotechnology


Industrial Biotechnology


3.5. Additional Courses and Requirements

  • Internship (Plant/Factory Practice)
  • Graduation thesis of research
  • English: TOEIC 500