Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering

1. Program Description


    • Faculty: Electronics and Telecommunications


    • Degrees conferred: Diploma in Electronics and Telecommunications


    • Overview of the program:


    • This program provides students with a strong theoretical foundation and practical skills to assemble, design, and maintain electronic and telecommunications systems.
    • Students will be equipped with knowledge of machine operating principles, electronic and telecommunication devices maintenance, ethics and principles of honesty, reliability ,dignity, and professional working attitudes to become an electronic technician or to continue with higher education.
    • The program prepares students for careers in many electronic and telecommunication-related companies as well as other trading companies.


2. Intended Program Outcomes


      • The students who graduate with a major in Electronics and Telecommunications are educated to be able to:
      • Understand the operating principles of electronic and telecommunications system, applications of the components in the systems.
      • Design, install , and replace the circuits and components in the electronics and telecommunications systems
      • Identify, analyze, and resolve failures or abnormal situations of electric circuits or the systems.
      • Maintain, update and improve the components in the electronics and telecommunications systems.


3. Degree Curriculum


3.1. General courses



3.2. Foundation courses



3.3. Major courses



3.4. Minor or elective courses




3.5. Additional Courses and Requirements


    • Graduation practicum/thesis
    • English: equivalent to TOEIC 500
    • Computing skill: National Certificate , level A