Sport Management

1. Program Description


  • Faculty: Sport Management


  • Degrees conferred: Bachelor of Sport Management


  • Overview of the program: This program prepares students for positions within all sectors of the sport industry, including sport organizations, marketing and event companies, grassroots sports, sport clubs and recreational or commercial sport facilities. Students will develop practical skills ranging from operations to facilities management, Sport business management, Sport event management, marketing and more. This program prepares students for a range of sport careers in amateur and professional organizations, sport associations, professional teams and a variety of sport-related marketing and event management companies.


2. Intended Program Outcomes


Students who graduate with a major in Sport management are educated to be able to:


  • Understand the principles and practices of management, event organization, marketing, etc. in the sport industry.
  • Understand characteristics and organization system of Olympic sports
  • Perform well with communication, negotiation and decision making principles and strategies.
  • Utilize regulations and ethics in amateur and professional sports
  • Demonstrate the ability to manage components of the daily administration of sport management programs.
  • Passionately organize sport events and activities.
  • Enjoy working with people utilizing team-work and leadership skills.
  • Proficiently use current technology to perform sport business functions, oral and written communication skills.
  • Foundational marketing and management of marketing enterprises in sport industry.

3. Degree Curriculum


For general, minor and elective courses, only courses mostly related to the program are listed.


3.1. General courses



3.2. Foundation courses



3.3. Major courses


  • Introduction to Sport Management
  • Sport Business Management
  • Sport Club Management
  • Sport Event Management
  • Sport Facilities Management
  • Sport Human Resources Management
  • Sport Marketing
  • Sport Sponsorship
  • Sport Public Relations
  • Consumer Behavior in Sport
  • Sport Communication & Media
  • Sport Tourism
  • Recreational Sport
  • Research Methods in Sport Management


3.4. Elective courses



3.5. Additional Courses and Requirements


  • Graduate Practice/ Internships
  • Graduation Thesis/ exam (optional)
  • English: TOEIC 500