Civil and Industrial Engineering

1. Program Description

  • Department/faculty: Civil and Industrial Engineering/ Civil engineering faculty


  • Degrees conferred: Bachelor of Civil and Industrial Engineering.


  • Overview of the program: Trained engineers who have political qualities, moral character, physically fit, able to work collectively to meet the requirements of developing and defending the country.


2.Intended Program Outcomes


The student who graduates with a major in Civil Engineering is educated to:


  • Civil Engineer to meet the diverse needs of economic-social development, equipped with basic knowledge and required expertise, capable of designing, constructing, organizing and managing construction sites.
  • Strongly committed to stay current with the progress of science and technology; to continuous self-improvement of the abilities of consulting, designing and supervising not only urban building but also industrial constructions.


3.Degree Curriculum


In general only minor and elective courses related to the program are listed.


3.1 General courses




3.2 Foundation courses



3.3 Major courses



3.4 Minor or elective courses



3.5 Graduation thesis


3.6 Additional Courses and Requirements


English: TOEIC 500