Center for Labour Safety and Environmental Technology


  • Co-operation in training with the domestic and international institute

  • Providing short-term program in field of environment and occupational safety.



Scientific research

  • Organize domestic and international conferences, seminars, and symposium.

  • Research and application development technologies and techniques in the field of natural resource management, technology, water supply, water treatment technologies, technologies for treating waste forms.

  • Research and application of technology in managing and handling the working environment, safety and technical workers

  • Production equipment occupational safety and means of personal protection, these products – environment protection equipment (if eligible)



Scientific and technological service

  • Consultancy about the environmental protection and conservation programdiversity; or appraisal andtransfer of technology-environmental management and occupational safety.

  • Consult the control system based oninternational standardsof environmental and occupational safety

  • Implement measurement-monitoring-analysisand evaluation ofenvironmental standards and occupational safety

  • Designand construction of treatment systems: watersupply, waste water; Fire; treatment system waste forms: solid, liquid, gas ventilation and noise.

  • Tradesupplies: equipment in the industry of supply and drainage,waste treatment; labor protection, individuals protection, and firefacilities.

  • TEL (84-8) 22137024
  • FAX (84-8) 37755055
  • ADDRESS Room 106, 98 Ngo Tat To Street, Ward 19, Binh Thanh Dist., Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.