Centre of Physical Education and Defense Education

1. Introduction


  • The precursor of this Center is the faculty of physical education which is belong to the department of political education and student affair . Since establishment till now this center  always awared and completed all the tasks. the faculty of  physical education: continue to improve the work management, teaching modules of the course, the faculty has recruited students to establish the powerful sport teams to competed in the sports tournaments in the near future. Faculty of military education: with enthusiastic teachers, experienced, highly motivated, constantly involved in teaching wherever the school needs, help the school can actively in arranging timetable for this subject, moreover this faculty has completed and got the approvement form the scientific council for the detailed draff of this subjects sothat it can be taught in second semester the school year from 2009 to 2010. 


  • Not wanting to stop with the existing results, each member of the center is trying to become better in their work, promoting sports activities, strengthen and develop the sports team to get high achievement in oder to serve competition and popularizing to improve the position of the School with friends in the country and abroad


2. Functions and tasks

  1. Functions

    This center have the function of training and manage the training of physical education and national defense and security education for students of Ton Duc Thang University

  2. Tasks

    • Building programs and plans for teaching, learning and chair the training process of physical education and national defense and security education of the school, taking responsibility for the content, quality and progress of teaching and learning, other activities of the center of the school and general teaching plan of the school

    • Building and perfecting program content, compiling textbooks, reference materials that related to expertise and school subjects that are assigned.

    • Making up detail plan of inviting lecturers, guest lecturers, assigning faculty member for the modues of physical education and national defense education andsubmit it to headmaster for approval.

    • Organizing researching to improve teaching and learning; proposing and making plan of renewing , supplementing and maintenaning teaching – learning equipment 

    • Managing staffs, lecturers, employees and students as assigned by the principal.

    • Cooperate with department of personnel and organization in planning and organize training to improve professional ability, professional skills for lecturers, staff of the center.

    • Active in cooperating with other faculties, divisions, departments teaching plan

    • Cooperate with the internal testing and supervision in evaluating the quality of teaching in university

    • Organizing issuing certifications of physical education, national defense education after submit to headmaster for approval

    • Organizing recruitment, training sport teams to participate in tournaments students awards and national awards