Business Administration

1. Courses offered:

  • Asian Business and Management (details)
  • Cross-Cultural management (details)
  • Practice of International Trade (details)
  • International Business Management (details)
  • Consumer Behavior (details)
  • Speaking Vietnamese (details)
  • Global Marketing (details)
  • International Payment (details)
  • International Finance (details)
  • Business Analysis (details)
  • Business Communication (details)
  • Seminars in General Vietnam Economy (details)
  • Speaking Vietnamese (details)


Besides, we also offer wide range of courses taught in English for students to choose from. Students will find coursework applicable to their major and satisfying to their intellect 

Hospitality Curriculumn

-  Marketing Curriculumn

 -International Business Curriculumn

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Ms. Trương Nữ Tô Giang



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